To Move or Not to Move?

Author: Marcie Carlson
Date: November, 2021

90% of seniors, when asked, say that they want to continue to live in their current home.  However, Aging in Place must be safe and practical. 

Develop a Plan - Consider Options Before they are Needed

If the goal is to remain in the home, what supports are required?  Begin with safety and home maintenance:  Do you have someone to help with the yard, walkways, and housekeeping? 

Can the home be modified to live on one level?  Are structural modifications or repairs needed? 

Consider personal care:  What sort of help might you need?  Meal prep, rides, safe bathing?  Are care needs manageable- impacting caregiver’s daily routine for prolonged time?  Am I causing strain for those helping me?Is family not allowed inside?  Have you explored options and costs for local hired help?   Is there space for live-in care if needed?  Are funds available to have the luxury of choice?  Have you been assessed for eligibility for programs that help cover costs of care?

If the goal is to relocate, have you explored all available options? Considered location: near prior home and familiar community, or near family support?  Have you visited alternate locations?  Do you know what social and support resources are available near these other locations?

Learn about local support resources, including interpersonal, community and financial as well as Long Term Care options and VA benefits.

Modify existing environments and consider less dramatic changes before making major transitions. 

I have spent many years helping people with these areas of concern.  Let my expertise be a source of help and consultation.

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