Getting the Most out of Your Contribution

Determining when to begin collecting your Social Security benefits can be a challenging and complicated decision. There are many factors to consider, and each person’s situation is different. The variables that might affect your benefits are wide-ranging and it is important to understand them to maximize your earnings.

Some of the most common questions to address are:

  • Should I start collecting Social Security at age 62 or wait until 70?
  • What is Full Retirement Age?
  • Can I collect a spousal benefit? From an ex-spouse?
  • What about benefits after a spouse is deceased?
  • Is there a way to start my benefits early if I am disabled?
  • Can I receive Social Security and continue to work?
  • Are my Social Security benefits subject to Income Tax?
  • If I worked in the Public Sector, will my pension affect my Social Security earnings?

I will provide a personalized analysis based on your years of working and contributing to Social Security. We will then discuss other factors for you to consider, helping you to make sound decisions. This includes a strategy to balance your Social Security benefits with other retirement income such as a 401(K), 403(b), annuity and/or pension, to ensure a fiscally sound Retirement Income Plan.

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