Navigating Life’s Transitions

LifeCare Planning Maintains your Power of Choice!

You identify your vision - Where and How do you want to live in the future?

  • We discuss Physical and Emotional Health Care Needs
  • We assess your home, finances, and support system
  • We create a strategy that is safe and practical for today and for all of your tomorrows

You define your quality of living.

  • You identify current and anticipated challenges
  • We consider existing resources and eligibility for public and private supports

We map out one or several plans.

  • You choose: where you live; how you spend your day; how, when, and from whom you accept assistance, if needed
  • I provide all the information needed to act on your plan, including recommendations for planning and referrals to appropriate community support providers and services

You do not have to do this alone

  • I am available for ongoing counseling, advocacy, and coordination.
  • I will meet with you individually and/or with support persons or caregivers.

Let my years of experience collaborating with private, state, and federal providers ease the process and manage the tedious work, allowing your focus, time and energy to be placed on the more immediate and personal needs that only you can do yourself.

**Initial Consultation is available at no cost when in conjunction with other Weathervane services.

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